During summer I adopt a very dressed down approach to dressing up my top half, when the weather eventually becomes too much that I actually considered going bare. As a result of swapping suede for silk I’ve experienced a refreshing candour for the transitional period I was going through in April. My Equipment shirt offers the effortlessly chic trope that makes it all the more okay for me not to feel bad about being lazy when I get ready, especially in the morning. A button down is good come up from looking undone, there isn’t a lot going on underneath so opting to go braless are the perks of wearing a tailored cover up.

Wearing a blouse is a luxury of form and practicality that my body craves closed the lid on the can of worms I’ve opened since summer came to pass. Invariably purchasing the same item evinced an abundance of fresh ideas to dress cooler for the climate. Its sleekness contrasted in a dirty colour palette evokes an insatiable appetite to self indulge and treat myself to more. What stopped me? The price. I love a good investment however the cost is something I have yet to extend my arm towards, so I tapped my fingers away on Ebay in search for the blouse where the fight to win a bid was enough to break a sweat in.