In search of something old with a 70s hybrid of swag and stability, I recently purchased this suede camel trench coat I sourced on Ebay. The coat is a rich and decadent item that holds a smooth touch and not a dent in my pocket. My love affair with camel is a hump I have yet to get over. The coat laments a sense of newness in a mash up of textures and familiar shape although it encouraged repetition; I invited a variety of something that was the same but felt different. Engaged in my bridal warpath hunt for the one, cementing my love and declaring my vows to finally finding it landed me in hot mess. I had little foresight to how big of a collection my coats were becoming. Thus, tying an emotional knot with the realisation I’ve groomed a commitment to the idea of wearing the coat rather than actually do so. I don’t do commitment well and ironically I wear things for a lengthy period of time.

My relationship with vintage is a novelty that feels inclusive and that feeling’s worn off and I’m reduced to a runaway streak, so I sold the coat. I liked it because of the easy fit and its second skin nature, however for something that’s birthed right out of the 70s, its peaked too soon and hanging onto it will leave me in a litter of stuff I’m already cutting ties with. Besides the summer doesn’t last long here in the UK and I’d make a plush bride with a full backing of Chloe AW15 well at the forefront of my wardrobe inspiration this coming winter. Velvet is not too far off from becoming my new love, a few strokes of the coat I’ve been sleeping on keeps me well engaged with a marriage of textures, that is well worth saying “I do”.

Wearing: Vintage Suede Coat, Brandy & Melville Ribbed crop (seen underneath), Vintage Levi 501’s, Vintage Belt and Stuart Weitzman Pumps