Levi 501 CT Jeans

I came across the ye old saying via the ‘gram’ (instagram, if you haven’t caught on yet) and it said, “we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stopped playing.” I’ve adopted some traits that possibly emulate a full transition into adulthood such as rather than thinking about playing in the garden, I actively source products and ideas to do some gardening. In all honesty I’ve been beating around the bush with the task of trimming the hedges, as my nether regions are only ones I’m interested in tendering to. An over abundance of different cuts and shapes combined with the large array of texture and colours is the driving force of the outfit in this post. Although I’ve put it to bed for the rest of summer this monster of a coat takes balls to wear. A little undone and dishevelled, I look crazy but the repetition of silhouette with a silk cut blouse and straight-legged denim keeps me sane and also steers me in a direction of presenting an uncompromising front. The coat has a subtle messiness that possesses a little fray embedded in a deliberate bouquet of colours that makes it all the more interesting. It suggests I’m both chaotic and amateurish, I was and probably still am confused about what I’m wearing in this post, but it worked well.  So maybe I’m not done growing yet and there’s still time to play.

Summer Floral Fur, Levi 501 CT
Levi 501 CT
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Wearing: Vintage Fur Coat, Vintage Silk Blouse, Levi 501 Jeans, Dr Marten vs Bolongaro Trevor pixie boots