Entering the New Year leaves me in a state of limbo where I’ve struggled to commit to resolutions (they don’t stick or come into full effect until a new season rolls in tbh) and with everything bagged up and isolated, whilst I’m in the process of moving I haven’t fully had time to embrace it. That’s the thing about the New Year; it’s a thing, a label that comes with the obligation of investing in the idea that I can erase my actions and lessons from the previous 24 hours and wear the whole New Year New Me tag without guilt. However I can’t do that if everything that reminds of who I am comes with a whole lot of baggage that I’m not quite ready to ‘Marie Kondo’ out of my life yet.  I’ve revisited wearable pieces of my 2015 past and reconciled my love for the Camel coat, Denim and Dr Martens. My arsenal for an errand run when my life admin’s real estate increases in capacity and ‘throwing this on’ includes wearing outfits with little imagination when my brain switches off.
Wearing: Vintage Camel coat (similar here, here and here), Vintage Brown Turtleneck, Levi Vintage Jeans, glitter socks and  Dr Martens Shoes
Be back soon!